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Kanaritz will play as the DJ during this year edition of Castle Party in Bolkow. He will lead the after show party after such a headliners like VNV Nation, CLAN OF XYMOX, FUNKER VOGT. Please join him at Sorento Club (29/30.07.2006). Kanaritz will play for You from 2.30 to 4.00 a.m. Enjoy the Castle Party!.


German label COP Int. released in June their new sampler Dark Awakening Vol. 5 where they put Traitor from [VSI] debut album. Full setlist is published at [Discography] section.

Since this month we have luched our space at MySpece web site. You can listen to our songs from our debiut album in new remixes as well as brand new material prepared for forthcomming album.


After having a break for one year [VSI] returns to work. Because of this fact we have prepared 4 new remixes for our fans. After our label Pandailectric had stopped its work we have talked to some other labels and we hope that everything would come to a final statement soon. Soon you´ll get some snippets of our new stuff at our homepage and furthermore another 4 remixes.

At the moment you can get the following remixed tracks on-line (192kbps) in our [Multimedia] section: Holy Children, Right Hand Of God, Hope and Liar. These remixes have been mastered by X-Fusion.

We have started new section where You can find everything we have found in Internet about band and their music. Please visit section [Re*views].


In the April edition of Orkus magazine, beside a song included on a sampler Orkus Compilation 8 (see last update), there is also a full-page interview with [VSI] and a review of the album Gehenna.

Another german magazines don't stay behind. In the May edition of Sonic Seducer magazine there is another interview with [VSI], and the song Right Hand Of God has been put on the sampler Cold Hands Seduction Vol. 48 which is added to this edition of the magazine. All the details in [Discography] section.

Zillo magazine had also an interview with [VSI]. You can read it in the May edition of the magazine.

We would like proudly announce, that at the beginning of the month our debut album Gehenna entered Deutsche Alternative Charts on position 14!




[VSI] will be present at the last release party, which takes place on the 9th of April in Boom Hotzone Club in Jena, Germany. You will have a chance to talk to the band and everyone will get signed promo-card. Additionally during the party Kanariss will play his own DJ-Set. We invite you!

Orkus Compilation 8 CD, which is added to April edition of German Orkus Magazine includes a track Liar (Train To The Grave). All the details in [Discography] section.


Exactly one week before the release of Virtual Space Industrial's debut album Gehenna, we present an audio-mix made of fragments of few chosen songs from the album. We invite you to the [Multimedia] section.

Do you want to know what the message of Gehenna is? If so, please read the fragments of the lyrics of all songs which you can find in the [Lyrics] section, online from now on!

At the point of releasing Gehenna there will be some release parties where the songs from the album will be played and you will also get a chance to win free copies of the album.

Gehenna release party:
19.03.2005 Kulturfabrik, Krefeld, Germany
20.03.2005 Punkt , Warsaw, Poland
25.03.2005 Ozzy, Poznan, Poland
26.03.2005 KUZ, Mainz, Germany
26.03.2005 Black Veil, Leeds, UK
02.04.2005 Shadow, Leverkusen, Germany
05.04.2005 Cave, Frankfurt, Germany
09.04.2005 Shiny´z Café, Kehlen, Luxembourg
09.04.2005 Boom Hotzone, Jena, Germany

Additionally during the party in the Punkt Club in Warsaw [55 Koszykowa Str., entrance 19:30h] you will have a chance to meet the band and the CD will be on sale with a special price! We invite you!

You can now pre-order Gehenna in chosen online-shops!


Finally it's done! After long months of productive and hard work, proudly we would like to announce the definite release date of [VSI]'s first ever CD. Gehenna - the debut album of Kanariss and Stefan will be out on the 21st of March, 2005! Also for the first time we present the CD cover, which you can enlarge, too. To see all the details regarding to this release, please visit the [Discography] section.

Additionally we give you few wallpapers and avatars, which you can download at the [Multimedia] section.


After small problems with the release of our debut album Gehenna that we had last year, right now the final mastering of the record is coming to its end. The album is being mastered by X-FUSION and it will contain 13 tracks.

Just to remind you, the album will be released by the german label Pandailectric [www.pandailectric.de] and will be distributed by Alive [www.alive-ag.de] having also Mindbase releases in its catalogue among others [Covenant, Dismantled, Suicide Commando, VNV Nation]. We'll keep you informed about exact release date and other details.

According to questions that we received from you about studio versions, we decided to put online a full version of Angel Of Death mini ep this month. This mini-demoalbum was released in 2002. It contains 4 tracks, and 2 of them will be included in another versions on our first official album Gehenna. We invite you to visit [Multimedia] download section.


To all the visitors on our page we wish Merry Christmas!:)


New downloads on our page. This time we present two songs performed live during the second live show of the band played in B65 Club in Warsaw. We've chosen those tracks, because it was the first time when they were played live. By the way, lyrics to Angel Of Death were written just a few days before the show. Also for the first time we present [VSI] Songs which are sung by Kanariss.

On a special request from visitors on our page, all *.mp3-files will be available in two different formats: as 64 kbps and as 128 kbps. Tracks to download from last update are also in lower quality available. We invite you to visit [Multimedia].


This time bad news at the beginning. According to label's decision, [VSI] debut album has been postponed for 2005. Exact date isn't known yet. We'll keep you informed.

In the meantime, the band decided to put online files with archive recordings.

These recordings will include studio demo versions, audio and video excerpts from different live recordings. Until the release of the album once a month we'll be presenting 2 *.mp3-files.

Tracks will be presented as follows:

Oct '04


Hybrydy club, 28.04.02 [live bootleg]

Nov '04

Angel Of Death

B65 club, Warszawa, 27.01.01 [live bootleg]

Dec '04

Believe In God
Something To Do

Proxima club, Warszawa, 30.04.00 [soundboard bootleg]

Jan '05


studio demo [Angel Of Death mini e.p.] 

Feb '05

Angel Of Death
Eden Misery

studio demo [Angel Of Death mini e.p.]

Go to the [Multimedia] section, where first files are placed.


We would like proudly announce that [VSI] debut album Gehenna will see the light of the day on the 18th of October, 2004, released by Pandailectric.

Next updates are online. This time we invite you to visit [Live dates] section where you will find all details concerning past live shows of the band. Here we will be also informing you about all the promotion and release parties.

Feel free to contact us! All the details in the [Contact] section.


Welcome to the official [VSI] Page. Here we want to give you all the information regarding the band.
Right now we invite you to read the band-info [Band]. In the [Gallery] you can see the first ever professional photo-session of the band, which was done by Gosia and Tomek Matynia in February, 2004. In the [Multimedia] section you can find few wallpapers to download and in the [Discography] you will find all the music achievments of the band up to date.

We did it! [VSI] is signed at Pandailectric, which will release long-awaited debut CD Gehenna. At the moment the final touch is being put on the album, which will be out in stores worldwide autumn this year. More details soon!

Pandailectric is sister-company to the famous indie-label Pandaimonium, to which Clan Of Xymox is being signed among others. More information you can find here www.pandailectric.de

Next updates coming soon!

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